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Bathroom updates on a budget

Okay, this was not a full gut job by any means. Justin and I just simply could not live in an aquamarine bathroom any longer. Our bathroom was actually in great shape, it just needs some aesthetic pick-me- ups to bring us to 2019. A lot of people told me I should keep the aquamarine look and just paint the walls white to brighten everything up. I felt like the bathroom just lacked brightness overall and I just had to fix it. To me, nothing beats white tile….

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Making some impactful changes to my small bedroom

For some of you that don’t know, I live in a home that was built in 1900. So that being said, almost every room in this house is on the smaller side and quite divided. That is why every decision made on this home so far has got to be purposeful because we have limited space. When we moved in, we did some major changes to this old home. From lighting updates, to making sure each room had a fresh paint coat of paint, we did work.

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