Bathroom updates on a budget

Okay, this was not a full gut job by any means. Justin and I just simply could not live in an aquamarine bathroom any longer. Our bathroom was actually in great shape, it just needs some aesthetic pick-me- ups to bring us to 2019. A lot of people told me I should keep the aquamarine look and just paint the walls white to brighten everything up. I felt like the bathroom just lacked brightness overall and I just had to fix it. To me, nothing beats white tile….


The main items of focus we tackled in this bathroom were the repainting of the walls, painting the wall tile, installing/venting a ceiling fan, replacing the vanity, replacing the mirror and adding new door hardware to the cabinets and bathroom door. To spruce the room up further, I bought a new area rug, new towels and added some shelves to hold some other bathroom elements to make our bathroom feel a bit more inviting and cozy. I had a plan going into this bathroom though. I had a few inspirational images that I based this bathroom from. I new I wanted HALE NAVY as my paint color above the tiles so that meant my tiles just had to be white. I mood boarded my thoughts on my bathroom before we actually started the projects:

bathmood board-2.jpg

Now Justin gets a BIG shout out here because he was the mastermind in replacing our vanity all himself. He also installed a new ceiling light fixture/fan and vented it outside with the help of his uncle. Thank goodness because the bathroom needed it.  It was hard to only have the one bathroom and living in an ongoing mess for about a month. That’s the price you get to pay for being DIY-ers!

in pro.png
IMG_2304 2.JPG
IMG_2320 2.JPG
56452442339__F899E650-5483-4FAF-A3EE-33E8A0A045A4 2.JPG

After all the painting was done, the bathroom really looked brand new to me! I am so happy with our refreshed, white bathroom now! If anyone out there is looking to repaint tile, I was very happy with Rust-oleum’s Tub and Tile paint. It was quite easy to do all of the prep work as well as the general painting. I first sanded down the tiles to rough up the surface of them. I then cleaned the walls with water to remove all of the dust I just created by sanding the tiles. I waited a little then cleaned the surface of the tiles once more before I started painting. I painted only two coats to cover the whole bathroom tiled area and that is all it needed. The whole process took me the better part of a day. Again, I highly suggest using this kit if you are in need of painting some tile. beautiful end result!


Here are links to all the items used in our bathroom project:

Wall paint color

Ceiling paint color

Tile paint

Vanity (not actual vanity – but similar) 

Door hardware 


Area rug


Shelves (not actual shelves – but similar) 

Storage rack 

Future updates:

New sconces 

Replacement mirror

Taking down the shower doors and just doing a shower curtain

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me on our bathroom spruce up!!

xo, Steph