Easter brunch recipe round up


Brunch is by far my favorite meal of the day, and I love it even more when there is an occasion to celebrate! Easter is the perfect excuse to plan a Sunday brunch with some family and some good recipes. I will link you below to the recipes that were served at my Easter Sunday brunch table!


I mean it wouldn’t be Easter without some eggs rolling around right? Deviled eggs are extremely easy and pretty irresistible if you ask me. I even got my husband to try one and he is not a hard boiled egg guy! This recipe is a new take on the classic deviled egg I found in a Rachel Ray magazine. She has a bunch of fun spins on some deviled eggs and I will be trying more at future brunches!


I also like to make it easy on myself and just go with a quiche for the main dish. They are extremely easy to make and require very little prep work! This particular recipe was a sausage cream cheese quiche recipe that I have made on many girls trip weekends. (My trick is that I go for the store bought pie crust……shhhhhhhh.) Turns out so delicious every time!


Now of course there needs to be some sides to accompany these egg dishes and I love a refreshing side salad and good vegetable dish? This roasted broccoli recipe is simple yet extremely tasty! accompanied by this strawberry salad to really make you feel that spring is in the air!


Now, for me, brunch isn’t brunch without some kind of carb. I just really was in the mood to make some homemade biscuits with butter and honey. biscuits are not as hard as you might think! 5 ingredients! That is all you need to make these! I love making this recipe. It is very much a go to for me.


Lastly, desert….My grandfather always taught me that desert just fills in between the cracks in your stomach so I will always make sure there is a desert served with my meals. These simple yogurt panna cotta cups with Pomegranate Honey drizzled on top is just the top off to a decadent Easter brunch.


These are some of my all-time favorite brunch recipes to serve! Here are all the links so you can try them out also!

But of course, it wouldn’t be a meal at #OurTinyColonial without some puppies giving us the puppy eyes for some table scraps…


I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

XO, Steph