DIY spring fever floral centerpiece


Since it almost reached the 60 degrees this week and we are now officially into the spring season, I think this calls for arranging some spring blooms. In my opinion, it isn’t truly spring until your bring some fresh cut flowers into your home. I reached out to Jamie from Roots on Ninth and she helped me out with suggestions on some stems that would be great for a spring centerpiece. I also found this vintage looking vase from her store that was perfect to hold this perfect springtime bouquet.


I love going to Jamie at Roots on Ninth. Her store is always full of beautiful containers for fresh cut flowers, as well as vessels for your potted plant friends. If you are unfamiliar with her store, I highly suggest stopping in and poking around. I also take many classes that she hosts at her shop. She has a wreath making class for each season as well as planting workshops and even cooking with herb classes! She does it all. Her shop just finished an expansion also and that makes me very excited to see what new events she is going to have there this summer!


For the arrangement, I used:

  • Ranunculus

  • Tulips

  • Pink rice flower

  • Seeded Eucalyptus

  • Blush roses


I very much love the texture this bouquet has. Its a beautiful balance between the greens and blush/white tones. I love being able to select the flowers in person. This way, I was able to see all the color tones together and make sure they all worked well with each other. For this arrangement, I wanted to keep the colors fairly muted and neutral. A soft and inviting color palette. I loved the dainty touch of the pink rice flower to be the much needed medium texture throughout the bouquet. Seeded eucalyptus adds a beautiful fragrance and is my most favorite stem to add to bouquets. The blue/green leaves always give the perfect color balance to most arrangements I put together. It adds just the right amount of framing to the flowers without taking away from the bold beauty of the larger stems. I tried to balance the colors then from the large stems since the Ranunculus were all white, to the tulips that were purely pink, and the in between blush from the roses. These stems were just meant to be together.


After selecting the flowers and bringing them home to unwrap them, I then cut the stems to the approximate length I wanted them to be in the vase I selected. I removed some of the leaves from the stems that I did now want taking up space in the vessel.

I started the arrangement with two of the Ranunculus as I wanted to feature this proudly in the arrangement I then filled in some space with the Eucalyptus and Pink Rice Flower. Next, I placed a few of the roses along with the tulips to again let them be a feature in the bouquet. I fishes by placing more Pink Rice Flower and unopened Ranunculus to fill out the bouquet. I added a few more tulips and roses to make it feel a little fuller and add some final touches. I use the rule of 3 method when creating arrangements. I like to choose my different types of flowers, and then select 3 stems of each of the flower for a balanced bouquet. Flower arranging is such a relaxing task for me. looking at something so beautiful can really let you catch your breath for a long while.


If you are local to Green Bay, I highly suggest paying Jamie a visit or even signing up for one of her upcoming spring workshops. You will most likely see me there. Happy arranging!