Making some impactful changes to my small bedroom

For some of you that don’t know, I live in a home that was built in 1900. So that being said, almost every room in this house is on the smaller side and quite divided. That is why every decision made on this home so far has got to be purposeful because we have limited space. When we moved in, we did some major changes to this old home. From lighting updates, to making sure each room had a fresh paint coat of paint. We did work.

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To start off the home tour of our tiny colonial, I will start with the one room I feel is complete….for now (who knows, I may need to refresh some linens come season changes).




Our bedroom used to be my least favorite spot in our house. Mostly because we shared a full sized bed with two larger dogs. It was crowded to say the least. We kept going back and forth with buying a new bed because our room is just simply, tiny. However, we measure it out and decided if we were going to make the change to get a bigger bed, we were going to just jump right to a king size. BEST. DECISION. EVER. It has changed how we live in this space. We love being in this cozy little get away. Now Sunday cuddles never need to end because there is room for all four of us to snuggle in.

So, the first update that we made was of course our bed. We made the leap from a full to a king and choose a bed frame that felt a little lighter in the room since we knew it would take up a chunk of space. Going with an open metal frame bed was a great choice because it doesn’t feel that this bed is as big as it really is. It is open underneath, so we can still store things underneath without seeing the storage peaking out.


The second update that we were sort of forced to update is bedding. Since this is a brand-new size bed frame for us, we of course had to refresh our bedding.

When it comes to bedding, personally, I love a mix of texture/color with pillows but always white sheets and a soft, clean duvet. Velvet is easily one of my favorite textures and for me creates an ultimate cozy environment. I have some large euro size throw pillows behind my king size pillows, accented with a pink linen lumbar pillow. (Also, I know what you’re thinking, white bedding with two dogs? I know, I know. It’s a lot of work to make sure my dogs are clean enough to jump on our bed and snuggle with us but I make sure they are before they leap up.) I also love to have a variety of blankets within reach for the really cold nights when you need to layer up to stay warm. This bedding truly makes this space feel extremely cozy which was my #1 goal for this room.


The third update was lighting. We needed additional lighting in our space on top of our central light/fan. We wanted to add some sconces to flank each side of the bed to give us more bedside lighting. We also found a product called MagicLight which is a wifi controlled light bulb that you can set to a timer and it will gradually increase the intensity of the light to wake you up in the morning. This product is designed with full spectrum, multicolor, dimmable technology which means you can have full range of light that best suits your needs.

(I am just so happy that I can choose the amount of warm lighting that prefer reading with. Makes my heart sing!)

Lastly, our night stands. Now, as I mentioned, our bedroom is not large. At. All. So, we had to get creative and have a little DIY party to fabricate these night stands so that we each could have one on our side of the bed. Very simple two shelf night stand that Justin built and I sanded, stained, and poly coated. We made them large enough to fit these tote inserts as a drawer for the nightstands. Serves us perfectly.


I am sure there is more I will do to this space, but I thought I would share the small changes we made to really make this space feel so much cozier than it was before. I will share links to some products below in case you see something you need to cozify your space. :)

XO, Steph

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