Our Tiny Colonial


Justin and I purchased our first home! 

I have been dreaming of this day for quite some time. I seriously had no clue that it could happen so fast like it did. We are officially homeowners! 

We have been in our house now for a couple months and I just wanted to reflect on our first months of home ownership. let me tell you, it is not easy. Not that I thought this was going to be a cake walk or anything. I did however expect us to make some small improvements right off the bat like we did. Those small improvements however, caused Justin and myself to swear, A lot. Before we even moved in our things, we painted this house from top to bottom. I am really glad we did because the paint colors in this house were all over the place.


I really could not take how many paint colors were in this house. The first order of business was to get this house painted. Just to make sure everything felt fresh and new for us moving into it. Boy did that make a world of difference. The paint colors I went with were both Benjamin Moore paint colors. Simply White and Hale Navy. My two favorites of all time. 


10 gallons of simply white and 1 gallon of hale navy later. our house was painted. While My mom and I were painting our hearts out. Justin was updating our electrical outlets. So many swearwords were said. I'm not sure that I have ever heard Justin swear as much as he did. He got it all done though! I was very proud of him! 

Our next task for the house was of course moving in and it took us the whole day to do so. So many friends and family helped us move everything in. I was so grateful for their help! Unpacking for sure took a good month. Things are finally in place and organized. The best thing is that Justin hung up our new lighting fixtures that I got for my birthday and Christmas! I love them so much! Little before and after of our dining room light fixture. I went with a black theme throughout the first level. The kitchen light fixture is an Edison bulb exposed industrial light fixture also. Exactly my style. 


Kevin is loving his backyard. He has his very own kingdom back there. Free to roam where ever he wants. Chasing squirrels to the fence line, running as fast as his legs will let him, and now chomping on snow until the night falls. He is loving this house. I can tell. Really, who am I kidding. For as much of a pain some things can been now with homeownership, I am still in love with every square foot of this house. It feels like home to me now and it is the best feeling.