I am just a wife, Living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am an Interior Designer/Art director working for a furniture manufacterer and creating some pretty fun things for them. I enjoy more than just Interior designing though. Graphic Design is a dream of mine and something I would love to pursue as a career but until then I love to just dabble a little in Photoshop and InDesign. I am the Owner/designer of WatercoloredWetzel, The Etsy Shop that I started to sell some of the invitations that I have designed in the past. I designed the Wedding Invitation Suite that I used for my own wedding and i am now able to manipulate the text to fit all the needs of anyone who wishes to purchase the Suite and use for their wedding invitations. I most certainly take custom requests though. Believe me, I like a creative challenge. 


Wedding Suites

Within a Wedding Suite would be your Main invitation on the front side. It is always a good idea to have guest information on the back of the main invitation even if you have a website explaining it all, some of your guests may not always look at your website. As much as you my want them to. It is always a good idea to spell out some of your pertinent information to your guests on the back side of the main invitation. Also included in the Suite is an RSVP card that will have your meal options listed as well as the response to your wedding. 

Save the Dates

Save the dates are always so much fun. These are usually where I like to work with couples engagement photos. It is such a fitting way to showcase those beautiful photographs that you spent some money on! I am also a person that uses water color textures as inspiration within my work. The textures that can be created from watercolor paintings are so soft and light feeling. generally, I feel it pairs so well with the look of most engagement photos. Just a sense of love in the air. 


ceremony programs

Another great addition to your wedding would be to think about ceremony programs for your guests during the wedding. it creates a timeline for your guest to follow during the ceremony and lets your guests know who is all in the wedding party. Usually at that point they are not yet introduced so it helps your guests know who everyone is and what is going to be happening in your well thought out, beautiful ceremony.

wedding shower

Usually engaged couples tend to have a wedding shower or if the bride chooses to have an individual bridal shower, either way, you may need to let your guests you would like to attend know when and where the is being held. Shower invitations can do just that. They have the chance to showcase your engagement photos also! Or, of course you can go the route I did with mine and make them whimsy with a watercolor design to them. Believe me, anything is possible.



Like i said, I like creative challenges. This one here was an invitation i did for my cousin son who was having a reptile themed birthday party with real live reptiles coming to visit! This party invite was one of my favorites to do because when its for kids, it gets to be super cute and extremely eye catching! 


Another item you may find on my Etsy Page are 16x20 posters that I create. I am a fan of motivational posters and this one here just happens to be the one in my office currently. Everyone tends to have days where they experience a little stress in the workplace. Maybe swearing will help?