With a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design, currently working for KI in their corporate headquarters Design Department and an obsession for social media and sharing (lifestyle, favorite products, invitation designs, fashions, favorite decor how-to's)! In 2017, I created WatercoloredWetzel as a lifestyle blog focused on DIY project, recipes, inspiring Mid-century modern-but-modest home interiors, and my obsession with dinosaurs.

As an interior design influencer, I am constantly inspired and wishing for an outlet to share my design discoveries with others. This isn't another blog with pretty pictures and impeccable stories — this is really me and how I wish to inspire everyone to find their passion. I know I have found mine and I have never been happier. You are only as strong as the support you receive from others around you. I strive to surround myself with passionate, creative people. To influence me in not only creative means, but means of success and graciousness.

I make sure to put my Diploma right above my desk to remember where I came from while I blog/work. Also, it makes me think of my two best friends and how we had our motto in our studio space which mine read: "Do Better!" something that always give me a slight kick in the pants to keep going. ;-) 

I will end it with some fun facts about myself!!! 

  • A goal of mine is to one day fill an entire passport up!

  • Every time I finish watching The Office series on Netflex, (which I have now watched the entire series 25 times over) I think about watching something else....then I just start The Office over again.

  • Buying the cutest of collars for my fur babe Kevin Bernard is seriously hurting our bank account.

  • I fall in love with old homes, this is most likely why Justin and I bought a turn of the century Colonial home in Green Bay's Fort Howard Park district.

  • Conquering the world of Blue Apron cuisine is something we have done for a year now and we are on our way to having our own cooking show.

  • I still consider myself a newlywed - not sure when the cut off is?

  • Secretly I wish I was born 65 million years ago as a velociraptor. I would have lived the best life.